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Does it strike you ironic that to read what Seth Says, you first want to read what others said about what Seth says? No?

Fine then. Here are quotes from people who were proud to offer their comments. I hope they help.

Regrettably, we cannot verify the accuracy or source of any testimonials, as they often arrive through our family room window taped to a rock. Yes, even Uncle Steve's.

“I have no idea who would play you in the movie version. I'm a literary agent. I have more important things to do than worry about than things my clients want.”

Seth's soon-to-be-former literary agent

"Stop calling me on the phone. That 'Is your refrigerator running' gag hasn't been funny since...since refrigerators were invented. I know. I invented that joke."

The 2,000 Year Old Man

"Fart Sounds. Why is this called and there are no actual fart sounds? This is highly disappointing. I'd like my money back."

Seth's Uncle Steve who thinks he is

a good influence and counterbalance

and got a review copy of the book for free.​

“If I had known that my format of children saying funny things would be used in this way, I would have abandoned my work and become a sewer worker or lion tamer. This is horrid. Do I have to give back my review copy?”

Art Linkletter, rolling in his grave

"I have never seen a child this enamored with his own body parts. I can't even imagine what his home life must be like."

Unnamed Child Services worker

"I think the concept is great. But let's change the young kid to an old man in his seventies. Let's give him a live-at-home adult son. Make the old man say rude stuff and curse words and call it Crap My Dad Says. Oh wait, that's already been done? Was it any good?"

TV Executive who recently announced

his search for a new position.​

© 2013 by Gary Zenker. All rights reserved.

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